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FJH Music Company / al / 98-FJH2170

Sight Reading & Rhythm Every Day, Let's Get Started, Book A

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By Helen Marlais, Kevin Olson, Julia Olson

Designed to be accessible to young beginners, we've used larger fonts and added lyrics that appeal to kids. Each unit has a theme such as At the Park, Up in Space, or Creepy Crawly Things. Every day the student claps/counts two short rhythm lines, and sight reads two short pieces, and checks off a Did It! box. This carefully sequenced book starts with reading 2nds and 3rds from guide notes Middle C, Treble G, and Bass F; then adds the interval of a 4th in Unit 4. This new addition to the series guides students in a simple way to sight read with ease, accuracy and musicality.

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Category: Piano
Series: The FJH Pianist's Curriculum
Voicing/Instrument: Piano