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England's Pleasant Land (Original Military Band)


Ralph Vaughan Williams / Paul Noble

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England's Pleasant Land was written to accompany a pageant by the same name written by the novelist E. M. Forster. The pageant focused on the 'English countryside, its growth and destruction'.  The two movements included were Vaughan Williams original contribution to the pageant.  The pageant was presented around 1934, and then forgotten - until now.  I hope bands around the world will enjoy presenting this newly found work of Ralph Vaughan Williams. This original version is scored exactly as created by Vaughan Williams: Fl., Ob., Eb Cl., Solo Cl., Ripieno Cl., Cl. 2, 3; Bsn., Alto Sax.; Tenor Sax.; Horn 1, 2; Cornet 1, 2; Trb. 1, 2, 3; Euph.; Tuba 1, 2; Perc.;

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Category: Concert Band
Level: 4