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Program Notes (A Comprehensive Guide to Band Directing)


John M. Denis

Written by a team of authors from Texas, one of the strongest music education communities in the United States, this practical, personal, and conversational guide for aspiring and young instrumental music educators takes a comprehensive view of all aspects of building a successful school band program.

Girded with important theoretical underpinnings for each topic, Program Notes covers the job interview, sequencing, conducting, rehearsal strategies, and dozens of other topics for beginning band, concert band, and marching band, as well as jazz, orchestra, mariachi, and modern band.

Chapters also focus on promoting creativity, recruitment and retention, finances, communication, leadership development, working with exceptional learners, and technology. Rounding out the book are a sample handbook for students, a concert self-evaluation form, and example interview questions.

With flair and years of experiences to share, the co-authors have created a resource that is designed to make the lives of young band directors better. As Denis states in the book’s introduction, “Every skilled teacher has an exponential impact on the world, and I hope this book further fosters caring people to become exceptional band directors.”

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Category: Band Reference, Reference Materials, Conducting Reference