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Gia / G2313CD

Instrumental Score Reading Program CD


James O. Froseth

GIA's instrumental score reading programs teach the vital skills of instrumental conducting: the ability to analyze scores and then detect errors in performance. Ideal for undergraduate and graduate students and even experienced conductors, these are challenging, sequential programs that really teach.

Here's how: Performances of a diverse selection of instrumental music have been recorded with errors built in. Students listen to the performance and evaluate the tempo, balance, tone quality, and intonation (among other characteristics) of the performance. They must consider stylistic as well as harmonic relationships.

The students are free to make any necessary marks on the scores - the workbooks are theirs to keep - and compare their analysis to those of a panel of experts. Next they will hear a recorded "acceptable" performance of the excerpt.

Each instrumental workbook contains a carefully sequenced set of 60+ exercises - enough to last the semester.

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Category: Band Reference

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