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Teaching Music with Technology - Second edition with CD-ROM


Thomas E. Rudolph

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“A resource book, a method book, and a how-to book all in one.” — Don Muro

Never before in the field of education has technology played such an integral role as it does today—especially in the field of music education.

When Teaching Music with Technology was first published in 1996, computers in the classroom were the exception; now they are the rule. In this fully revised edition, Thomas Rudolph once again takes the challenging and complex subject of using technology in the music classroom and makes it understandable on every level.

Rudolph covers a wide range of topics from MIDI and electronic keyboards to the Internet and copyright law, expanding chapters to include the most recent developments in hardware, software, and pedagogy.

These topics and much more make this edition not only a resource book, but a method book and a how-to book all in one!

Teaching Music with Technology—Second Edition also includes a companion CD-ROM with student assignments, projects, lesson plans, and links to Web sites that offer free software, demo programs, and up-to-date technical information.

Whether preparing to become a teacher, or already a professional, this book is a must-have for anyone looking for appropriate and worthwhile ways to integrate technology into the music classroom.

Thomas Rudolph is the Director of Music and a middle school music instructor for Haverford Township School District, in Havertown, Pennsylvania. He was one of the founders of the Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) and currently serves as president of the organization.

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