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Gia / G6518

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body


Barbara Conable / Benjamin Conable

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“Music education belongs on a somatic foundation because musicians move for a living, like dancers and athletes, except that musicians’ movement is even more refined, precise, and rapid.” —Barbara Conable

This book is a primer for any musician to reliably base a lifetime of playing. These principles will protect a musician from injury, promote the physical freedom and sensitivity for technical mastery, and secure the embodied intelligence that grounds musical power and subtlety. The principles in the primer are the elemental foundation of music education. Musicians teaching from these principles will see their students thrive. Students studying and restudying these pages will find delight in their enhanced performance. This book also serves as the text of a six-hour course on Alexander Technique developed by Barbara Conable for musicians. 

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Category: Music Education
Series: Body Mapping