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Gia / G7129

The Choral Rehearsal - Volume 2: Inward Bound


James Jordan

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For the first time in a single volume, this book provides choral directors with a comprehensive guide to score analysis techniques used by the world’s leading choral conductors and innovators.

Together with the companion Volume I: The Choral Rehearsal—Techniques and Procedures (and DVD), this series is an essential guide to productive and musical choral rehearsals written by a leading voice in choral pedagogy. This volume deals with the preparation of both the psychological and spiritual aspects of the choral rehearsal. Areas covered include:

• Score analysis of Julius Herford

• Score study through colorization by Margaret Hillis

• Vocal technique analysis system of Frauke Haasemann

• Score analysis based upon the note-grouping theories of Marcel Tabiteau as espoused by James Thurmond

• Analysis and guide to Renaissance metric flexibility

• Laban Movement Score Analysis

• Choosing literature for your choir

• A voice teacher’s advice to choral directors concerning their rehearsal process

Designed for use by all conductors, this text is a valuable and groundbreaking resource for choral conductors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Archival example of a Hillis score. Excerpt from Walton's Belshazzar's Feast.


Images courtesy of the Margaret Hillis Collection,

Rosenthal Archives of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

James Jordan, Associate Professor of Conducting, Senior Conductor, and Conductor of The Westminster Williamson Voices at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, is considered to be one of the most influential choral conductors and educators in America. For thirteen years he served as Conductor of The Westminster Chapel Choir. He is also Conductor of Anam Cara, a twenty-voice professional choral ensemble based in Philadelphia.


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Category: Choral Reference
Voicing/Instrument: Textbook

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