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Mr. Holland on the Rebound


Trey Reely

Roll James Thurber, Woody Allen, Art Buchwald, and Dave Barry into a single person and make him a band director in Arkansas, then give him a regular column in The Instrumentalist magazine. The result is chuckling, chortling, and out-and-out guffawing as author Trey Reely present the trials and rewards of band directing in his unique, rambunctious style.

On page after page, Reely has us nodding “it’s true, it’s true” with funny, pithy essays like “The Unwritten Rules of Band” (When you make a mistake, glare at your neighbor), “Top Excuses for not Practicing” (My reed is cracked and I don’t have any money to buy a new one on account of the iPod I bought.” Or “If I get better than Joey he won’t let me be his girlfriend anymore.” Or “I do better if I don’t practice”.), “Band Directors Are from Mars, Football Coaches Are from Venus,” and plenty of instructional, conceptual, conducting, and rehearsal tips.

More than 37 illustrated articles chock full of laughter and wisdom await you from the author of Mr. Holland on the Edge.

Trey Reely is Director of Bands at Paragould High School in Paragould, Arkansas. He has a regular column in The Instrumentalist magazine.

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