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Mr. Holland Rides Again


Trey Reely

“I am not a doctor and cannot legally prescribe any kind of stress-reducing medication for dealing with parents, budgets, students, principals, coaches, dropouts, or whatever else you could add to this list. But I can confidently recommend laughter, often called the best medicine, and my number one recommendation in the laughter field for band directors is any of the five books of Trey Reely. “
—David Newell From the Foreword

Nobody gets the life of a band director quite like Trey Reely. His columns in The Instrumentalist magazine have entertained an entire generation of band directors, capturing all the humor and poignant moments like no other writer. Here’s an example from “You Do the Math: Formulas for Disaster” in this volume:

                           band director + parent + principal
                   band director + parent + principal + superintendent
           band director + parent + principal + superintendent + school board
band director + parent + principal + superintendent + school board + local media

Mr. Holland Rides Again is the newest installment of the Mr. Holland series by Reely, who has been described as “James Thurber, Woody Allen, Art Buchwald, and Dave Barry rolled into a single person.” Laugh along with a seasoned Arkansas band director as he explores “Mozart and Microbes,” “Things to Do with a Broken Music Stand,” “Headlines from the Podium,” and “Bach: The Selected Tweets,” among other enlightening topics.

Reely’s unique, rambunctious style is full of wit and wisdom that will reduce any band director’s stress instantly. Mr. Holland Rides Again is chock full of laughter and wisdom that will have you smiling, nodding your head in agreement, and rushing to share with musical friends.

Trey Reely is Director of Bands at Riverview High School in Seary AR. His other books include Mr. Holland on the Rebound, and Mr. Holland on the Edge: Even More Tales of Musical Mayhem.

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