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Gia / G9081

The Eloquent Conductor


Glenn D. Price

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GIA Publications has been at the forefront of producing resource material for musical instruction, particularly in the areas of instrumental music education and church music.


"The Eloquent Conductor"… effectively bridges the understanding of conducting gestures with its carefully aligned text and DVD presentations, it is uniquely positioned to accomplish its aim to be used for both individual and classroom use.


GIA is to be commended for its efforts to bring a more comprehensive text on instrumental conducting to the field.

—James Ripley

WASBE World, March 2016


Dr. Price has made a thorough pedagogical study of the art and craft of conducting and directing, and draws on his vast experience from studying and working in Canada, USA, Russia and Japan, synthesising all of these influences into a thoroughly clear and cogent method of teaching, tried and tested over many years. He has conducted world-wide, in Canada, North and South America, Europe and Australasia.

…This is incredible value. The Main Text has 224 pages with a DVD, the Repertoire Edition 338 pages with a repertoire CD of the 69 repertoire excerpts, the two volumes closely co-related. A quick prĂ©cis of subject headings will give you an idea of the vast amount of material covered...

—Dr. Tim Reynish, July 2016

Read the full review by Dr. Tim Reynish on The Eloquent Conductor here.

The Eloquent Conductor is a comprehensive resource designed to develop a detailed and nuanced conducting technique. The conductor is prepared to communicate specific meaning with clarity of intent that may be immediately understood by novice and professional musicians alike. This resource supports the true mission of the conductor—to discover meaning in the score, and to efficiently and effectively lead the musicians to a performance that brings a realization of that meaning to life.

The Eloquent Conductor includes a text, repertoire book, excerpt CD, and an instructional DVD. Together, these components provide unparalleled clarity and capture detail and nuance in a manner that is easy to understand and absorb. This text has been designed to make student learning sequential and accessible, with clear objectives and outcomes stated for each chapter to simplify classroom instruction and testing. Each chapter provides materials that facilitate:

• Individual practice and self-evaluation

• Practice, review, and critiques in study groups

• Group testing in class

• Individual testing in class as time allows

The Eloquent Conductor is a significant step on the journey to discovering the expressive meaning of music and to effectively communicate that meaning in performance.

Included in this package:

  • Main Text (224 pages)

  • Repertoire Edition (338 pages)

  • Repertoire CD

  • Instructional DVD

About the Author:

Dr. Glenn D. Price is recognized as one of the leading international conductors of today. He has conducted in thirty countries on five continents, covering the gamut from professional chamber players to 450 piece string orchestra, symphony orchestras, and wind ensembles to mass bands of over 1500 musicians.

Click here to read Dr. Price's complete biography.

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