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Here is a list of various wind conducting symposiums happening across the country in the coming months. Select the symposium you will be attending and a list of repertoire will appear, then select the repertoire you wish to purchase from the list.

American River College, Sacarmento CA
June 17-22, 2018

Note - there are multiple listing for the Ives - regular sized score and large score.


Sonoma State University, 6/25 - 6/29, 2018

*NOTE - there are two listings for the 'Variations on America', one for the regular full score and one for a large sized score.


UCLA Wind Conducting Workshop, June 24-29 2018

*Note - Chasing Sunlight (Nishimura) is only available directly from the composer at

**Note - There are two listings for the score to Variations on America. One is a regular sized score, one is an oversized score.