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Our Store

Our store once it doubled in size — to 800 feet!

In 1998 Mark and Cindy Schellenberg, musicians and parents of two darling baby boys, made a rash and emotional decision. Upon hearing that a small sheet music store was for sale, Mark quit his managerial job with a large retailer, plunked down some money, and bought M-R Music in Olivette, Missouri.  M-R Music was then a 400 square foot room about 20 feet by 20 feet, which sold piano and vocal music to teachers in the area. The space was tight, as were the family finances. Cindy often catered parties on the side, leaving the kids in a playpen at the store. These were known as the lean years. But like all single minded entrepreneurs, Mark refused to give up on his little dream of owning his own business.

Barely enough room on opening day for a string quartet!

Over the next seven years Mark added a part time employee and choral music to the stores shelves, doubled the space, and soon ran out of room. The next location was located next to Steinway Piano Gallery in Maryland Heights in 2005, which allowed room for growth over the next seven years, with over 3000 square feet of space. The lovable and loquacious Keven Koontz was hired to keep our walk-in customers happy, and orchestra music was added to the mix.

Our Choral Department

Then, in 2013, a surprising occurrence took place. Shattinger Music Company, which had been in business for over 100 years, went out of business. Three of their employees – Jeff Girard, Jim Kerfoot, and Dick Boyd came to lend their professional expertise at the store.  Business soon doubled and allowed for the band portion of the sales to take root.

In 2015 M-R Music changed its name to Midwest Sheet Music, to help customers in other states identify the store as it expanded its presence at music conventions nationwide. Today the store boasts the largest inventory of sheet music in the Midwest, commands a strong internet presence, and can be found at statewide music conventions from Florida to California.  

Our local customers have kept us in business over the last 23 years, and we are constantly indebted to all of them. Our expansion to statewide and national conventions through our expert sales staff has allowed us to stay strong and relevant in the internet age where brick and mortar stores are becoming rarer and rarer. Thank you all for continuing to believe in us!  

Midwest Sheet Music Team

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