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Return Policy

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchased item, just contact us. Most items we can accept back for store credit. Because print music is easily copied, we do not offer refunds.

If the item is defective, we will have the publisher ship a replacement directly to you.  If the item was incorrectly ordered by us, we will give you a refund or credit the item in full depending on the billing situation, in addition to correcting our error and getting the right item to you.

If the item is something you no longer need or does not suit your needs, contact us directly by phone, email or in person and we will work out a suitable arrangement for you. Unless the item was unusually expensive and hard to get, or returned after a more-than-reasonable amount of time, or is incredibly obscure and unusual, we’ll just take it back and get you a full credit like above. Otherwise we may need to charge a restocking fee in accepting the return and deduct it from the amount you would be credited.  The restocking fee can vary depending on how much the item costs, how likely it may ever sell again, the amount of time before asking to return the product, and other factors. We don’t do that often – we’re just using and asking for some basic common sense here.

This music from Hal Leonard Publishing that you got 2 weeks ago isn’t going to work? Sure, we’ll take it back, can we help you find something better, or are you otherwise good to go?

This set of “Complete Accordion Works in 3 Volumes” that we had imported for you from Austria and that you picked up 4 months ago? Yeah, we’ll have to charge a fairly hefty restocking fee in order to take that back, but we’ll take it. How can we help find the right thing for you?

Shipping charges normally can only be refunded if an error was made on our part in filling your order.

If you’re still not sure, call us. We’ll work with you and get you taken care of one way or another.