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Price is approximate

"*Price is Approximate" - what does that mean?

You may have noticed that some items on our website are marked as "*Price is approximate. Call for details".  It may seem confusing why we would put that on our website for some items but not others.

Short answer - most of the time the prices you see for these items are accurate. Sometimes the price may be off by a small percentage in either direction, especially if it's a foreign publication. In rare cases the price may be very different, but we will always let you know if that's the case before billing you. You can still contact us if you want definite verification, but about 90% of the time the price is going to correct.

Long answer (for those interested): For most major publishers, we get regular data updates directly from them. These data updates include all the product information and prices. Since we can easily upload their entire catalog at any time, there's rarely a case where a price is going to be off, whether by a little bit or a lot.

For some publishers though, either they don't have nice and neat data files to send to us, or they are located overseas. For the overseas publishers, prices can change at any time due to fluctuating exchange rates and variables in shipping costs. There is no way for us to predict these in advance, so we do our best to try and list the price as close as we can based on the info we have at the time.

For the other publishers, since they have no electronic data to send us, we have to enter the data manually. That means we have no way of knowing if a price or it's availability changes in the future until we try to order it for someone. So we add this disclaimer to let you know that while the price is likely accurate, there is a chance it may be different if we haven't ordered it for a long time, or if the publsher raised prices recently on many of their items. If the difference is insignificant, we'll just run the order through so as to not hold up your order. If it really is a significant change though, we'll contact you first and ask if you still want the music.

As always, please call us if you have any questions, or if you need absolute prices because of your school purchase order rules. Hopefully this insight behind the scenes will clear some things up for you. Thank you for your business and let us know what else we can do to help you out.