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Jump Right In: Grade 1 Teacher's Guide

The General Music Series - Second Edition


Cynthia Taggart, Beth Bolton, Alison Reynolds

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Our sequential, research-based K–4 general music series offers groundbreaking educational power, convenience, and affordability._x000D_
Jump Right In: The General Music Series:_x000D_
• Is based on how children learn music, rather than how it has always been taught_x000D_
• Can be used with ease by teachers of any methodological background_x000D_
• Focuses on helping children learn to audiate and become independent, creative musicians_x000D_
• Allows teachers to adapt all lessons to meet the needs of individual children_x000D_
• Incorporates outstanding folk repertoire from all over the world_x000D_
• Conforms to the National Standards_x000D_
• Includes comprehensive lesson plans for each song and activity_x000D_
• Features high-quality CD recordings of every song_x000D_
• Contains four components for each grade: a full-color, hardcover student book; a spiral-bound teacher resource guide with lesson plans, indexes, and scope and sequence information; a complete set of recordings on compact disc; and a piano accompaniment book_x000D_
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Category: Classroom
Series: Jump Right In
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