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Heritage Music Press / lr / 30/2058H

My Many Hats: Juggling the Diverse Demands of a Music Teacher


Richard Weymuth

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Music educators often charge into their early classroom experiences with an excitement and passion not always seen in other disciplines. And while they may have a plan (or two or three) for the rehearsal itself, many find themselves caught off guard by the periphery demands of their position. Written with a warm brand of humor, wit and real-world savvy by Dr. Richard Weymuth, Professor Emeritus, Northwest Missouri State University and seasoned veteran of the music classroom, this creative approach to the many non-musical responsibilities of a music educator -- fundraising, selling yourself and your program, working with the administration, to name but three -- will raise your awareness of these areas while offering practical advice to navigate any unexpected challenges. While targeted to recent graduates or those new to the profession, this "quick read" will also rejuvenate and revitalize veteran teachers.

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Category: Music Education, Band Reference, Choral Reference, Orchestra Reference, Reference Materials
Voicing/Instrument: Textbook