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Ion Concert Media/Randall Standridge Music / io / 90109VE

Time Traveler: First Mission - film

Film and software for matching band/orchestral work


Randall Standridge

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Take your concert to the next level by pairing Randall Standridge's clever score and pre-recorded narrations with Jacob McGarry's fantastic synchronized film. In addition to the stunning visuals, this digital file also includes the composer's pre-recorded narration which can be optionally played or muted through the Muséik software. Say goodbye to the stress of adding electronics to your show; with Muséik they synchronize effortlessly with your performance.

The required software and media files for this film or accompaniment track will be available at the vendor's website ( Ion Concert Media will send an email to you with instructions on how to access, download and install your products.

This synchronized film for concert performance is driven by Ion Concert Media’s proprietary Muséik technology. With Muséik, a user controls the pacing of the film to match the pacing of the music, making concert visuals behave like an instrument in your ensemble. The software is easy-to-use and intuitive, and can be used by musicians from middle school to the professional level to achieve a perfect media sync with just 20 minutes of practice.

Please note: The proprietary software necessary to show this film (called Muséik) is included in the purchase price of the product. Instructions for how to access and install the software will be included in the email from the vendor. The license for your specific product(s) will be valid through June 15. After that date, the file will encrypt itself and cannot be used again unless you repurchase it. You may use the files in rehearsal or performance as many times as you desire until the license expires.

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Category: Concert Band, Orchestra
Voicing/Instrument: Multi Media Video