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Kjos / kj / VM12

One-minute Sight Singing,beginning/intermediate


Ronald Slabbinck / Holly Slabbinck

One-Minute Sight Singing teaches and reinforces the essentials of solfege-based sight singing without cutting into valuable rehearsal time. The curriculum, structured as a collection of one-minute lessons, targets students of all ages who are new to sight singing. It also serves as an ideal component to the regular choral warm-up routine for singers of all experience levels. Singers who are new to music reading and theory will appreciate the helpful reminders interspersed before new concepts are introduced in the music. The careful progression of lessons ensures that singers will gain a solid mastery of sight singing, movable "Do" solfege, and Curwen hand symbols.

One-Minute Sight Singing is uniquely designed, with exercises duplicated in both treble and bass clefs. Not only does this help singers learn to read and sight sing in both clefs, but directors may also use the unison exercises to help improve tuning and breath support. A great choice for school, youth, community and church choirs!

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Category: Classroom
Voicing/Instrument: Sight Singing Choral