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La Pasión de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo Según San Mateo


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Estos paquetes presentan la lectura de la Pasión en un formato para que fácilmente pueda proclamarse, la cual corresponde a la lectura de la Pasión que está en el leccionario y en los misales como el de ¡Celebremos!/Let Us Celebrate!_x000D_
Cada paquete contiene tres ejemplares de la lectura de la Pasión para cada Evangelio: Una parte para el narrador, una parte para el lector, una parte para Jesús._x000D_
Cada parte tiene el tamaño de la letra en 14 puntos y negrita en aquellas línea que le corresponde. Las hojas son tamaño carta, 8.5” x 11” y tienen 3 perforaciones para que se pongan en una carpeta, como la carpeta ceremonial._x000D_
This Spanish-language Passion are similar in content to its English-language counterpart. The Gospel Passion account is presented in a dignified, easy-to-proclaim format that corresponds exactly to the Passion readings found in the Mexican lectionary (as approved for use in worship in the United States) and in seasonal worship aids and missals like WLP‚ ¡Celebremos/Let Us Celebrate!._x000D_
No longer must lectors and presiders use pew editions of missals and worship aids for such a solemn and important Gospel proclamation! Each packet contains 3 complete sets of the Passion account for the Gospel of Mark: one set for the part of the Narrator, one set for the part of the Speaker‚ one set for the part of Jesus. Each reader's part is set in large, 14-point, bold-faced type arranged in sense lines in their set, making it easy to find and proclaim effectively._x000D_
The packets measure a standard 8.5 x 11 and are 3-hole-punched for easy insertion into a WLP ceremonial binder. In each packet, you'll also find a list of appropriate music suggestions and a copy of Del Ã…rbol de la Cruz by Eduardo Rivera, a newly composed musical refrain with guitar chords and piano accompaniment, for use with during Lenten services. A reproducible assembly box for this refrain is also included.

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