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C. Alan Publications / ca / 09410

Oh Beautiful (for Percussion Ensemble & Unison Choir)


Gackstatter, Gary

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Instrumentation - Unison, Choir, Vibraphone, 1, (3-octave), &, Bells, Vibraphone, 2, (3-octave), Marimba, 1, (5-octave), Marimba, 2, (5-octave), Marimba, 3, (5-octave)
This subtle and moving work calls for a choir over a keyboard percussion ensemble. After setting a stark and solemn mood on the vibraphone, fragments of the tune "America" start form into a cohesive melody. This is ideal for an introspective moment in any performance.

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Category: Instrumental
Level: Medium Easy
Voicing/Instrument: Percussion Ensemble & Choir (5 + choir)