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Portraits of Music Education and Social Emotional Learning

Scott Edgar

This book showcases the inspiring stories and innovative ideas of music educators who are implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction with intentionality in their classrooms at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

By utilizing and adapting materials in Scott N. Edgar’s pioneering first book, Music Education and Social Emotional Learning, these teachers—representing all areas of music education—share their real-world challenges and triumphs with SEL instruction, along with many tips, activities, lesson plans, and suggestions for embedding SEL in a way that is musical, intentional, and meaningful.

Importantly, Portraits of Music Education and Social Emotional Learning approaches SEL from a culturally relevant and equitable lens, accounting for the ways in which SEL instruction interacts with culture, race, background, and uniqueness, therefore making it a powerful tool for embracing social justice and student empowerment.

At its core, SEL gives students the ability to have difficult conversations, cope with stress, and navigate challenges. And while each teacher presents their unique approach to SEL, they come to the same conclusion: SEL is critical to the success of their students and programs.

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Category: Music Education, Reference Materials