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Social Emotional Learning for Pre-Service and In-Service Music Teacher


Michelle McConkey / Scott Edgar

Before music teachers can effectively implement Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with students in the classroom, they must first develop their own SEL skills and tend to their personal well-being.

This practical guide takes teachers through thirteen sequential units designed to hone important self-care and SEL skills, such as regulating emotions, resolving conflict, managing stress, and building positive relationships.

Each unit is structured around the three core pillars of SEL—Identity, Belonging, and Agency—and offers connections for both pre-service and in-service music teachers that guide them through a series of thought-provoking exercises to strengthen their skills, as well as space to discover, reflect, journal, draw, and commit to growth.

An essential resource for current or future music teachers, and an ideal supplement for collegiate music education courses, this resource can be used again and again, year after year, to guide teachers on their journey to SEL competency and personal well-being.

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Category: Music Education, Reference Materials