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Developing Error DetectionSkills in the Wind Band Educator

Catheryn Foster / Ward Miller

Often one of the greatest challenges for band directors is quickly and easily detecting errors in rehearsal. This comprehensive resource provides a sequential, research-based approach for improving error detection skills in four fundamental areas: rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and articulation.

Central to this resource are more than 200 listening examples, recorded with and without errors, which progress in difficulty from simple one-voice melodies to more complex two- and four-voice arrangements. Importantly, each unit introduces only a single musical element, such as rhythm, before combining multiple elements in the cumulative units. The book culminates in error detection practice with full wind ensemble recordings excerpted from the standard literature.

Based on the input of nearly 50 practicing band directors, the book also lists common performance errors educators are likely to encounter and includes sample lesson plans for predicting and preventing errors before they occur.

For educators at every level, this indispensable resource is sure to make you a better listener, leading to improved performances from your ensemble!

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Category: Band Reference, Reference Materials, Conducting Reference