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Jump Right In: Kindergarten Teacher's Guide Book

The General Music Series


Cynthia Taggart, Alison Reynolds, Wendy H. Valerio

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Jump Right In: Kindergarten is a compelling collection of songs and activities, brilliantly sequenced with lesson plans that offer unparalleled educational opportunities, convenience, and affordability. All of these resources are based on the pioneering Music Learning Theory of Edwin E. Gordon._x000D_
Jump Right In: Kindergarten is:_x000D_
• Playful, allowing children to develop a vocabulary in music through exploration_x000D_
• Naturally connected to, and an outgrowth of, the preschool curriculum Music Play_x000D_
• Developmentally appropriate_x000D_
• Based on the most current research available on how young children learn music—and on how best to teach them_x000D_
• Coordinated with the other grade levels in Jump Right In: The General Music Series, as well as Jump Right In: The Instrumental Series_x000D_
• Packed with a rich variety of repertoire from other countries and music in a wide variety of tonalities and meters_x000D_
The long-awaited Jump Right In: Kindergarten component fills a critical “missing link” between the preschool book Music Play and the Grades 1 through 4 Jump Right In resources. The illustrated Teacher's Edition beautifully complements the songs and activities.

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Category: Classroom
Series: Jump Right In
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