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Rowman & Littlefield / rowman / 9781442275799

Accessible Orchestral Repertoire: An Annotated Guide for Community and School Orchestras

Daniel Chetel

Accessible Orchestral Repertoire is a reference volume for conductors who lead non-professional symphonic orchestras, offering practical and insightful commentary on music appropriate for intermediate and advanced youth, community, and collegiate orchestras. Modeled on and complimentary to Daniels’ Orchestral Music, it is a repertoire and programming resource for youth, academic, and community orchestras.

The works included in this book are a combination of well-known warhorses and lesser known gems—clear favorites for young or amateur players and as well as more challenging pieces. Functioning like an annotated bibliography, entries on individual works include information about the composer, instrumentation, movement length, and publisher. Each entry also features notes regarding the particular pedagogical, stylistic, logistical, and technical strengths and challenges of the specific work.

Accessible Orchestral Repertoire will help every conductor in the process of selecting repertoire that will both feature and enrich any individual non-professional ensemble for which thoughtful and strategic programming is required.

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Category: Orchestra Reference, Reference Materials