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Rowman & Littlefield / rowman / 9781475846867

The Jazz Rhythm Section: A Manual for Directors

Fumi Tomita

The Jazz Rhythm Section introduces the basics of this very important part of the jazz ensemble. They are the foundation of any jazz group, so improving the rhythm section will result in a stronger sounding band. This book is intended to be a practical guide with chapters on each of the primary instruments in the rhythm section: bass, drums, piano and guitar.

Key topics include:

Equipment and setup issues: from drum heads to bass amps to guitar pickups to mic’ing a piano on stage, each instrument presents unique equipment issues that the director must face.
Performance practice: including tips on constructing walking bass lines, learning voicings and comping rhythms and creating drummer’s setup fills.
Additionally, there is a chapter on the rhythm section itself that details all of the inter-relationships, suggestions for count-offs and metronome exercises that will help improve your band. The Jazz Rhythm Section is intended for novice directors, but directors of all levels will benefit as well.

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Category: Jazz Reference, Reference Materials